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Love your grandparents
May 18, 2021

With the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out starting this month for persons over 60 years, we have hopefully entered the next phase of this pandemic with the hope of a return to some form of normality.

Especially the senior citizens of our society have been hit hard with the impact of the lockdown and the various restrictions imposed on them. And although we all agree that is has been for their safety, it does not take away the devastation of them not being able to see their children and grandchildren.

We have all been inspired by Captain Tom from England who walked one hundred lengths of his garden at age 99 as a fundraiser for the NHS in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I’ve always believed things will get better. The sun will shine again, the birds will sing, and we’ll all have a lovely day tomorrow.” Captain Tom, December 2020

This attitude of not giving up, is the attitude that is firmly rooted in our South African heritage, and during this month where we traditionally celebrate our youth, we want to also acknowledge our grandparents for overcoming this past season.

We want to celebrate their resilience and their fighting spirit. Showing us, that if they have the will to overcome, them so should we.

During the lockdown in South Africa, a lady started a campaign to “adopt a grandparent”. You sign up, get connected to a grandparent and have nice chats with them. Although heart-warming, and an initiative that should continue, we as a nation should return to the basics of family and visit our elderly again.

Can we become a nation that cares for their senior citizens and loves on them for the impact and input they have had on our lives! I believe we can. Call you grandad for a chat, hug you Nanna, your Gogo, and show some love!

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Love your grandparents

Love your grandparents

With the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out starting this month for persons over 60 years, we have hopefully entered the…

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